It's ten years since Halo: Combat Evolved first hit our screens, and the upcoming Anniversary edition looks set to be a love letter to the series for fans, featuring enhanced graphics and a completely remastered soundtrack.

Microsoft has announced the goodies you can get your hands on if you pre-order the new edition of the game. First up, you'll get a full set of MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor -- yes, that's Master Chief's armor -- for your Xbox Live avatar. Secondly, you'll get a special Skull to use in game which causes Grunts to explode like plasma grenades when killed, providing the potential for plenty of chain-reaction fun.

If you've been with the series since the very beginning and you're headed to Comic-Con in San Diego, you might be interested to sit in on a panel with members of 303 Studios along with authors Greg Bear and Karen Traviss, both of whom have contributed to Halo's extensive lore. The panel, which focuses on Halo and its extended universe explored in media other than games, is between 11:30 and 12:30 on July 22 in room 6BCF of the convention center.

Halo Anniversary is out on November 15.

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