The Kinect functionality that Halo: Anniversary offers has been shrouded in mystery up until now, but as the game's November release date fast approaches, Microsoft and 343 Industries have decided to explain what Kinect features the new game offers.

The main offering is the new "Analyze Mode," a Kinect-exclusive feature that allows players to scan items throughout the campaign mode to fill in the Library, an interactive encyclopedia of Halo lore. In order to scan something, players must switch to Analyze Mode, point the reticule at an item of interest and say "scan." This will then allow them to browse through the Library using gestural controls to discover background information on vehicles, characters, enemies and weapons.

Voice controls are also offered for use throughout the game, with commands for reloading weapons, throwing grenades, switching between Classic and Remastered graphics and more -- because pressing a button is just too much effort for some people.

Alongside the Kinect functionality, 343 also revealed the next evolution of Halo Waypoint. Besides a new interface, players will be able to access Waypoint content online, from Xbox 360 or on their Windows Phone. Owners of Windows Phones will also be able to download the Halo Waypoint ATLAS (Advanced Tactical Assault System) app, which allows them to see a top-down view of any Halo: Anniversary or Halo: Reach map in realtime, letting them track teammate movements and positions during gameplay. This app opens up the possibility of playing in a considerably more strategic manner.

A big new addition to the series is the Custom Challenge facility, which expands on Halo's already formidable array of customization options. Now, as well as taking on the existing Daily and Weekly Challenges, players will be able to create their own friendly competitions with friends in Campaign, Matchmaking, Firefight and Custom modes. Halo: Reach credits will be on offer for these custom challenges, just like the "official" ones, but the ability to create your own objectives that can even be completed in custom game modes opens up a wide variety of possibilities, particularly if you enjoy playing the game in an unconventional manner.

Halo: Anniversary is out on November 15.

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