The failing Xbox 360 console could be saved by Halo 3, according to the New York Times.

"There's nothing in the house that breaks down as much," Stephano Nevarez told the NYT when speaking of his Xbox 360. "[Still] I am a happy customer," he said despite the failing hardware.

A reported 25-30 percent of Xbox 360s fail fail at one point or another. As a result and while initially reluctant to address rising complaints, Microsoft extended its one-year Xbox 360 warranty to three years in July.

According to the NYT, however, most Xbox 360 owners are quick to forgive Microsoft due to the large selection of games, principle among them being Halo 3.

But some owners are justifiably upset. "'Forgive' is a very strong word, and one I don't think many people would actually use in relation to the 360's reliability," said Kotaku blogger Luke Plunkett. "'Endure,' perhaps, or maybe even 'tolerate,' but not forgive, and probably not 'forget' either."

Amid mixed reactions to Xbox 360 reliability, a recent study suggests that consumer patience is waning even dissuading some prospective gamers from buying the machine.

"Imagine your blender breaking down twice. The vacuum cleaner giving up the ghost three times. The espresso maker repeatedly going kaput. Then imagine replacing the item with the same model over and over while keeping your brand loyalty and sanity," said the NYT when comparing what many Xbox 360 owners have to deal with, or at least worry about until Microsoft rectifies overheating issues.

Why would Microsoft release a console with such shoddy innards then? One analyst told the NYT he thinks Microsoft rushed the Xbox 360 to market without proper product testing in an effort to beat the PS3 to store shelves by a full year.

"It's dissipating a tremendous amount of momentum Microsoft built up prior to July," said analyst Richard Doherty. "This is going to get worse before it gets better."

Fortunately for Microsoft, a lot of gamers will seemingly bear the hardships for the shot at playing games.

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