Action RPG classic from 1996 Guardian Heroes marks the first Sega Saturn title to make the jump to HD consoles via Xbox Live Arcade.

Sega fans have been begging the company to update some of the Saturn back catalog's classics for modern consoles for some time now. After all, the Dreamcast and Genesis have both had representation through Xbox Live Arcade and PSN re-releases, so why not the console that came between them?

"Ever since we began to make Sega's classic Dreamcast and Mega Drive [Genesis] titles available for modern systems, the fan response has been overwhelming," said Haruki Satomi, VP of Digital Business at Sega. "The demand for their favorite games has been pouting in. Players have been clamoring for [Guardian Heroes, a] treasured favorite from the Saturn days, and we cannot wait to show them what we have got for them."

Guardian Heroes, created by renowned developer Treasure, is an action RPG from 1996. The Xbox Live Arcade version, due this fall, features enhanced HD graphics, online play and new gameplay modes.

Hopefully this will mark the beginning of more Saturn ports. I could go for some Shining Force III or Panzer Dragoon Saga, myself.

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