Weve covered Valves Source Filmmaker before, and even played around with it, but theres no way that we could end up making something great out of it; the tools required too much time and dedication to master. That isnt a bad thing though, because that allows the truly dedicated to make something great. Theres plenty of great things being made with Source Filmmaker every day, heres a few of our favorites. Practical ProblemsJames McVinnie, a cinematic designer at Bioware, got his hands on the tools and made something truly wonderful. Of course, this took some time (approximately 130 hours) but his direction is superb. It isnt often that creators are able to accurately portray an entire story without using speech once, especially with characters that we are so familiar with. It works extremely well in this instance and we commend him on his hard work. Zip It!YouTube user 0northkakalaka0 took a familiar scene and recreated it in loving detail using Valve's moviemaking tools. If youve seen the original instance of the clip in Austin Powers, youll know just how perfect this scene is; they recreate the classic timing of the shots between characters and the subtle animation tweaks are brilliant.Meet The FamilyContinuing in the same vein as Valves Meet the... videos, YouTube user TheDKer created Meet the Family using the original (leaked) version of Source Filmmaker, but that doesnt negate how well-made this short is. He even recorded the character voices to add a very comedic feel to the production. It is probably one of the best overall uses of Source Filmmaker that weve seen yet.Save As .dmx (X Gon Give It To Ya)In the early days of the Source Filmmaker Beta, there werent very many good videos available online yet. Save as .dmx hit the perfect spot, as users were starting to mess around with the software and the movie files are saved as .dmx files. The creator took the DMX classic X Gon Give It To Ya and layered it atop his early SFM workings. It became an instant hit and currently has over one million views, despite being only seven seconds long. Theres even a version that is ten hours of the seven second loop that has over 125k views already. X Gon Give It To Ya!These were a few of our favorites. If you have any that youd like to share, post a link in the comments; wed love to take a look!