If you didn't know that Rockstar was working on Grand Theft Auto V ...you may not understand how video games work. But we'll save that discussion for another time; the more interesting news is that the game might be coming out as soon as next year. According to a recent GameSpot interview with "sources close to the Take-Two Interactive subsidiary, [...] the next installment in the blockbuster series is 'well under way' and is already having final touches such as minigames being applied to it."

Of course, a team has probably been working on the title since before Grand Theft Auto shipped, but Rockstar is good at keeping their franchise secrets safely under lock and key until they're ready to reveal them. While most people seem to assume GTAV will take place in a re-creation of Vice City, I'm hoping for someplace a little more exciting. Maybe something in a foreign country for once? I wouldn't object to GTA London or Tokyo.