Believe it or not, setting up a small cafe in Tokyo for the sole purpose of promoting a game or other entertainment product is not all that uncommon -- just look at the Dragon Quest bar. Who knows if this marriage of gaming with upscale dining is successful, but regardless, Ignition is the latest company to get into the restaurant business with their cafe based on their upcoming El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, which is open for business from April 15 to May 8.

Visitors to the cafe at the Naka-Meguro Lounge in Tokyo (actually a regular cafe that's been El Shaddai-ized for this promotion) will be treated to demo stations for the game in the rear corner, along with a small "museum" of merchandise and other artistic artifacts based on the game.

Of course, part of that merchandise includes food, and the El Shaddai Cafe has a full menu of inspired food and drink, most of it stamped with the game's "E" logo in some way. Coffees and cocktails are offered, as well as dishes such as "Lucifer's Murmurs," a squid ink curry, or a custard topped with a small pancake called "The Crystallization of Human Wisdom." They're references to the game, trust us.