Had a play with Google+ yet? For many, the currently invite-only service has been a haven of calm away from the chaos of Facebook and the short-form conversation of Twitter, and a contributing factor in that has been a lack of social games and associated "Be My Neighbor! Send Me Gifts! Please Love Me!" spam on the service.

According to Google's own help document, though, pictured above, the addition of gaming to the service might not be that far away. But early adopters of Google+ hoping to escape the Hand of Zynga shouldn't despair just yet, and here's why.

For those who haven't yet made use of Google+, the key concept of the service is the use of "Circles." These allow you to organize your friends, acquaintances and favorite celebrities into separate "streams" so that not only can you customize what you're reading at any one time, but you can also share your own content selectively. This helps get around the age-old problem of suddenly realizing that your boss can see those pictures of that disgusting thing you did to that girl on Saturday.

When the addition of games to Google+ was first rumored, many questions were raised about how people would be able to avoid the game notifications if they weren't interested. Would users have to manually add gamers to their own separate Circle? Would there be a means of filtering specific content out? No-one knew.

However, Google, it seems, has paid attention to users' concerns and have decided to constrict game updates to their own separate stream.

That sounds like a good solution for everyone involved. Those who enjoy a game of CityVille (you know who you are) can play and send all their begging notifications to their friends while the rest of the community can remain blissfully unaware if they so please.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as Google+ Games Confirmed via Help Page