Google has joined forces with toy manufacturer Hasbro to create an online version of classic board game Monopoly.

Monopoly City Streets launches this week and will be available for four months only. The live worldwide version of the game uses Google Maps so that players can buy any street in the world, rather than in London like the traditional version of the board game.

Players start with three million monopoly dollars, which they can use to buy up streets with. If a street has already been purchased, you can make the owner an offer, which they can accept or decline. If they don't respond to you within seven days, then the offer is automatically accepted and you become the new owner.

Expect to fork out 231,000 Monopoly dollars for Downing Street in the UK, while Pennsylvania Avenue - home to the White House in the US - is priced at a whopping two million Monopoly dollars.

Once you own a street you can start building, but you're not restricted to houses and hotels. Monopoly City Streets lets to build everything from football stadiums to skyscrapers. Just like the board game, you earn a daily rental income from your buildings, which can be used for further street purchases.

Monopoly City Streets even gives you the chance to sabotage rival property tycoons by using the Chance Card to build prisons, rubbish dumps and sewage works on their streets.

Hasbro said: "It's a chance to escape the harsh reality of recession and enjoy building up an empire".

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