We reported on the development of Sweatshop a few weeks back. The game has finally been released, and you can play it here.

Casting players in the role of a clothing factory overseer, the game's challenges come from balancing the demands of the increasingly-unreasonable factory boss with the welfare of the child labor workforce. As demands from retailers increase, it becomes more challenging to meet their requirements without sacrificing a few basic human rights.

The game is interspersed with plenty of moral dilemmas and facts about the real-world fashion industry, and aims to educate young people about the many ethical questions surrounding the fashion industry.

The game's graphics are the work of pixel artist Gary Lucken and the game itself is a collaborative project between British TV station Channel 4, UK charity Labour Behind the Label and developer Littleloud Studios, last seen educating the world about civil liberties in video-based web adventure The Curfew -- also well worth your time if you enjoyed the CD-ROM FMV adventures of the mid-90s.

Play Sweatshop here.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as Get to Work in the Virtual Sweatshop