Sure, you can always get Gears of War 3 for $60 a launch, but you're still not getting the full Epic Games Experience at that price.

Following the "season pass" model that has become so popular with games that include extensive multiplayer and DLC content, Gears of War 3 will be selling its downloadable content in a sale price pack for 2400 Microsoft Points (or $30 in real money). It'll be available at launch, but only for a limited time. Take too long to commit, and you'll have to pay a whopping $45 dollars.

As Shack News notes:

According to Microsoft, the Season Pass represents a 33 percent discount on the regular price of the four add-ons. (That means we can expect the regular price to be 3600 Microsoft Points, or $45.)

Gears 3 DLC will encompass both single and multiplayer offerings. As a bonus, all purchasers of the Season Pass will get the "exclusive Liquid Metal Weapon Set" for free.

Well, prices are certainly starting to get steep. But then again, how many years will it take to get the next Gears of War? If there's another one coming out at all, mind you.

[Source: Shack News]