CNet Network’s Gamespot site is being sent to Coventry and roundly condemned by angry gamers irate at the seemingly rough justice meted out to one of its hacks. Gamespot’s Jeff Gerstmann found Eidos’ latest offering, Kane & Lynch, somewhat lacking and dared say as much in his review.

Game maker Eidos was none too happy to hear his thoughts and made its feelings known to Gerstmann’s editors at CNet. According to gamers’ website Penny Arcade, a so-so review of UK games developer Eidos’ latest title didn’t sit too well on a website heavily laden with Kane & Lynch trailers – the very game Gerstmann critiqued.

However, the episode isn’t doing either CNet or Eidos much good, with gaming fans coming out in support of Gerstmann’s right to express his independent views without being penalised for doing so. Penny Arcade forum members have pledged to boycott coverage of Eidos titles and sites related to CNet until the end of the year.

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