I touched down in Cologne, Germany this morning and am ready to bring you all the latest news from Gamescom over the next few days. There's a hectic schedule ahead of me but I'll be checking in when I can with the interesting stories throughout the course of the show, and I'll also be posting round ups of all the things you need to know at the end of each day -- German time, of course.

The expo itself officially starts tomorrow with a day specifically for trade and media visitors, then the public is let loose from Thursday onwards until Sunday. Publishers and developers are doing special presentations and "behind closed doors" events on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, so those are the days when big announcements -- if any -- are likely. On Saturday and Sunday the show gives its full attention to the public and the titles displayed on the show floor.

Today is a day for press conferences, though, along with Microsoft's mysterious-sounding "Play Day" which is highly likely to involve a lot of Kinect action. Possibly with bears. That's taking place in a couple of hours -- hopefully well after I have deciphered Cologne's labyrinthine public transport system -- then later in the day both EA and Sony are holding press conferences.

EA is likely to be pushing Origin hard as well as its upcoming big titles such as Battlefield 3 and The Old Republic. The social games arm of the company has been making big strides too, though, with the recent (if buggy) beta release of The Sims Social on Facebook, and the rerelease of Dragon Age Legends on Google+ Games. Given the publisher's recent acquisition of PopCap, it's possible we'll hear something about their titles, too -- though PopCap's outspoken director of editorial and social media (and former EA employee) Jeff Green won't be in attendance, sadly.

Sony, on the other hand, is under pressure to talk about pricing. With the recent price drop of the 3DS, the Vita suddenly seems rather expensive -- though admittedly some of the tech in it is more powerful and flexible than that on offer in the 3DS. And consumers have been calling for a PS3 price drop for some time now -- could this be the time for Sony to do so and start gathering momentum for the holiday season?

It's going to be a busy few days -- stay tuned for the latest.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as Gamescom Day Zero