More troubling news in games journalism land, following the revelation last year that a Gamespot hack was fired after - and very likely because of - a moderately negative review of Kane & Lynch.

The latest indictment of the troubled relationship between journalists and video-game PR departments was made by Electronic Gaming Monthly editor Dan Hsu in the magazine's latest issue. In his regular column, Hsu alleges that three companies responded to unenthusiastic EGM reviews of their products by refusing to allow any further games to be reviewed by the magazine.

The companies he names are Ubisoft, Sony's sports division and Midway's Mortal Kombat team.

It would be wise not to leap to any conclusions just yet, since the firms have yet to respond to the allegations. Furthermore, games companies are under no obligation to send review copies and press packs to every publication that requests them. But the episode leaves a sour taste in the mouth at a time when the widely derided video-game press needs to prove its independence from the PR machines that feed it.

Via VGM Watch