On Thursday April 14, UK national TV station Channel 5 showed an episode of its topical discussion show The Wright Stuff which discussed the supposed causal link between video games and violent behavior. The case study the show used was 22 year old Leon Dunkley's murder of a number of customers in a London pizza parlor with a submachine gun.

According to Gamers' Voice, The Wright Stuff went straight for video games as a cause of the tragedy rather than considering alternatives such as gang culture. The group also objected to the show playing footage from an 18-rated game at 10:30am. It is illegal to supply 18-rated material to underage customers in the UK, unlike ESRB ratings. 18-rated material is also not allowed to be shown on TV before 10pm due to UK watershed rules -- so The Wright Stuff may have been breaking the law by showing footage from Modern Warfare 2's infamous No Russian level.

Gamers' Voice also criticized CVG's response to the episode, branding it "resorting to somewhat playground humor" and arguing that "gamers have to show that they are level headed and can fight for themselves eloquently and intellectually."

Gamers' Voice has decided to write to Channel 5 and the production company behind the TV show to complain about the unbalanced content, and also about the fact that an 18-rated game was exhibited on TV -- possibly illegally -- at 10:30 in the morning. You can read the group's full statement here.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as Gamers' Voice on violence