If you own a Nintendo Gamecube for nostalgia's sake, it might be spending a little more time out in the living room next year.

Although it's been widely known that the Wii U is only compatible with older Wii games, Nintendo of America Director of Entertainment & Trend Marketing Amber McCollom made a couple of interesting and frank comments about the future of the GameCube library.

In an interview with Nintendo Gal, McCollom claimed that GameCube games would be available on WiiWare -- but usually, older Nintendo titles are ported to the Virtual Console. Maybe this is a slip of the tongue, or perhaps some GC games will be getting a control-specific update to take advantage of the Wii U controller? What's also likely is that some Wii U games will be getting WiiWare remakes, while other are simple ports to the Virtual Console.

[Nintendo Gal]: I noticed on backwards compatibility at the press conference that the GameCube was missing. Why is this?

[Amber McCollom]: You know it's interesting that you bring up backwards compatibility and Nintendo's history usually goes back one system. The Wii was compatible with GameCube and Wii U will be compatible with Wii and that's pretty traditional in launches from Nintendo.

NG: So the Wii U will not support the discs or accessories?

AM: Actually the GameCube discs will not be compatible with Wii U, but a number of the games that were playable on GameCube can be downloaded from WiiWare.

[Source: Nintendo Gal via Eurogamer]