Japanese developer Kairosoft has, until recently, been rather elusive, with new game releases often being as surprising to the press as they are to the public. With the company boldly stepping into the murky waters of English language social media, however, it seems that fans will be able to get much more regular and reliable information on the studio's pixel art-heavy titles.

One of the best pieces of news that the studio has shared so far is that it's planning to translate its current back catalog into English, starting with its oldest titles and gradually moving to the newest. So far in the West we've seen Game Dev Story, Hot Springs Story, Pocket Academy and Grand Prix Story (currently only available for Android), but the company has been making games since 1996 and so has a rich range to draw on.

One of the titles we can expect to see is Department Store Story, which looks like a more complex version of the Nimblebit's fun but ultimately shallow Tiny Tower. A sequel to the immensely popular Game Dev Story is also in development for PC, with mobile releases doubtless to follow soon.

Stay up to date with Kairosoft's games via their Facebook page -- and be patient with the team's tentative steps into communicating with the English-speaking community!

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as Game Dev Story Developer Bringing More Titles to iOS, Android and PC