Point and click adventures used to be a staple genre of gaming. Whole studios used to specialize in them, with Sierra and LucasArts being the most fondly-remembered by many. Nowadays, though, the genre is mostly forgotten by the mainstream, but independent and mobile developers are keeping the flame alive. The latest old-school adventure to be announced is Life in the Dorms, an Xbox Live Indie Game from small studio Moment Games, founded by ex-THQ, LucasArts and EA staffer Ted Hung.

Life in the Dorms casts players in the role of Dack Peeples, college freshman and part-time Lego man impersonator. Dack's roomie may or may not be a serial killer, and it's up to our hero to deal with the trials and tribulations of freshman life while determining whether or not his roommate is actually trying to kill him.

The game promises the inclusion of absolutely no zombies, a New Game+ mode (unusual for the adventure genre) and social media-inspired puzzles featuring the in-game "Flitter" service. There is also ramen noodles and open-heart surgery, apparently.

The game is slated for an end-of-year release via the Xbox Indie Games marketplace -- could be one to watch for those who miss the good old days of picking stuff up and attempting in vain to combine it with all the other stuff you've picked up until something cool happens. Find out more about the game here.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as Friendship, Love and Noodles with Life in the Dorms