Just one week of entries from the most recent Ludum Dare 48 hour game jam wasnt enough. In fact, if you enjoyed the six weve profiled recently in Free Game Friday youll probably find more to enjoy in the 1,400 other free games available on the Ludum Dare site. For now though, weve got a few more of our hand-selected favorites.


Like a lot of games from the latest round, Targeted takes on the theme of evolution by having your character learn new skills as you progress. Its not the most original twist in gaming, but its the execution and not the concept that makes this platformed such a strong Ludum Dare competitor.

Strike of Rage

In Strike of Rage your boss has denied your request for a raise and, in response, you have become so angry that youre going to battle your way up the entire corporate ladder to get to him. While the games connection to the Ludum Dare evolve theme is tenuous at best, the graphics and gameplay more than make up for it.

The Balance

The Balance sees you playing as some sort of servant of a godlike cosmic entity in charge of shepherding a new planet. Youll need to try and move it toward both good and evil in equal measures to strike the titular balance. While the games pretty high-concept, the real draw here is its gorgeous design.