This weeks games are all about constant motion. From a technicolor open-world skating game to an almost impossible Flash game that mocks you as you fail, this weeks games are all about making sure you get in motion and stay there.

Jumping Line

Jumping Line is a simple game but its also very attractively done. You play as a well, jumping line and youll need to navigate from platform to platform. Since youre constantly bouncing your jumps are more a matter of timing than usual but the games visuals make that feel more leisurely than hectic.

Give Up

If you think modern video games are just too easy youll probably enjoy Give Up, a Flash game that quickly ramps up the difficulty to a punishing degree and then rubs your face in it. The game even offers up a big GIVE UP button so that you can admit your failure at any time. Wuss.


Zineth is a fun new free downloadable game for PC and Mac. The game plays a bit like a hyped-up open-world version of Jet Grind Radio, and while it doesnt have the same visual acuity as JGR it does share its love of bright expressive colors. For a student project Zineth is an impressive achievement, and its certainly worth your time.