Nintendo's press conference at E3 was interesting, but glossed over a lot of facts -- and not just with the specifications of the new Wii U console. No -- as part of its presentation, the company announced that DSi and 3DS owners would shortly be able to download a free copy of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords. What they didn't explain was whether this was the Game Boy Advance original -- formerly bundled with the GBA's port of A Link to the Past -- or the standalone Gamecube version, Four Swords Adventures.

Nintendo confirmed to Joystiq yesterday that the free version of Four Swords on offer is, in fact, the Game Boy Advance version. What we don't know yet, unfortunately, is whether there will be any improvements over the original, or if it'll be a straight Virtual Console emulation of the original. The ability to play online certainly wouldn't go amiss, given that the game is a multiplayer-focused cooperative title.

Four Swords will be available for free for DSi and 3DS owners in September.

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