Update: New FM 2013 screenshots added 10/9/12. Football Managers' developers have released a YouTube video highlighting the new features fans can expect to see in FM 2013.

As the game is far from finished, a complete list of FM 2013's new features is still currently available, however Football Manager's Studio Director, Miles Jacobson, did talk in some detail about what the latest version of the game would be like. See FM 2013 features for a complete list of what was announced in today's press conference.

FM 2013 fans will be pleased to hear that the game will include over 900 new features. The main focus of in-game improvements have been on the Network Game, Scouting and Training. Take a look at FM 2013 release date too.

Football Manager 2013 has also made some "genre-defining changes" to the managment game. What they mean by this is that they have aded two new game modes. See also Fifa 13 release date, features and screenshots.

These game modes are Football Manager Challenge Mode and Football Manager Classic. Fans of sports games will be familair with waht Football Manager Challenge Mode is about, as it is a feature seen in numerous other sports games, noteably Code Masters' games like Brian Lara Cricket and Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge. In essence, it's a shorter version of FM 2013 where players' are set a task, like keep a certain team promoted. Football Manager's Studio Director, Jacobson, revealed that these game modes will usually last for half a season.

The game mode Football Manager Classic is a slimmed down version of the full game. The idea behing this is to make FM 2013 appeal to fans of the game who simply don't have the time to enjoy all of the full game's features. Football Manager Classic mode is designed so a season can be completed in roughly 8-10 hours.

The developers have also heeded the cries of Football Manager fans all around the world, for an improved 3D match engine. FM 2013 has made significant improvements to stadiums, player movement and ball flight.

FM 2013 still does not have an official release date, however the press conference did confirm that the game was on schedule to be released sometime before Christmas this year.

FM 2013 screenshots

New screenshots of FM 2013 were added to the Football Manager facebook page. Here are some of the most interesting ones.

FM 2013 screenshots 3D match engine

FM 2013 screenshots staff responsibilities FM 2013 challenge screenshots

FM 2013 screenshots: classic

FM 2013 screenshots classic

FM 2013 screenshots general FM 2013 screenshots

FM 2013 screenshots: challenge

FM 2013 challenge screenshots

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