The very first Final Fantasy Tactics game was an excellent strategy RPG blighted by a poor translation which made the already-confusing plot almost impossible to follow. Thankfully, in porting the game to the PSP, Square Enix went back to the drawing board and localized the game all over again so it made a bit more sense. Sure, it still has the usual JRPG nonsense in there at times (it does have "Final Fantasy" in its name, after all) but for the most part it's an exciting tale of political intrigue set in the land of Ivalice.

The PSP version of the game has been available via the European PlayStation Store since the end of last month, but now North American gamers can get in on the strategic action for $9.99.

The re-release of the PSP version hopefully means that the delayed iOS version will be with us very soon -- Square Enix claims we'll be playing it "later this month."

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