Although the new PlayStation Home will have genre-themed "Districts" that overlap several games from very different backgrounds, the nature of the new interface will allow Sony to add new areas gradually.

PlayStation Home Director Jack Buser said as much during phone interview with GamePro, where he answered a question about PS3 owners that would ask for RPG-specific content:

"One of the cool things about PlayStation Home is that it's always evolving and always changing. Let's say we have people that are really into horror games. If we have enough critical mass, and if enough people say 'Hey, we really want our own place for it,' we can build that district."

Right now, horror games and RPGs are covered in the Action and Adventure Districts respectively, but things could always change before, during, and after launch. Buser noted that each District would play directly to a genre's fan base, such as the Sportswalk featuring a scores and results ticker from all the major leagues. Certain games are also receiving special promotional space in the new PS Home, such as Lazy 8's Cogs, so perhaps games like Mass Effect 3 and Rage will get the same treatment.

Buser also assured us that the transition would be as seamless as possible for long-time users, and the major goal of the new service was getting people to their games "as fast as possible" -- if the service didn't tickle everyone's fancy, players could always opt to not use the new features at all:

"[PlayStation] Home can now have a real persistence, and it can remember in the past what you do. We are doing this redesign at the heart of [PlayStation] Home. Everyone on the service today is going to be on the service tomorrow. We're taking out the central heart to elevate the content."

"As a separate release, we're going to be modifying the back end of the system -- the 1.55 client. We're also going to streamline the way people get into Home. It will minimize the time it takes for users to get online. Most importantly, if you want, you can still use PlayStation Home the same way you do now. If you're a heavy user, we can customize your experience -- and if you're a new user, we can customize your experience, too.

Other features that will be retained in the PlayStation Home update include virtual items, PS3 Trophies and rewards, and costumes. Games can also be built in PS Home, while other free-to-play content will be available. Change is indeed afoot.