Citing declining player numbers as the cause, PlayFirst will be pulling the plug on their Facebook version of Diner Dash only 8 months after its launch. Once enjoying as many as 2.5 million players at its peak, the game's monthly users have more than halved, most recently clocking in at 1.2 million Diner Dashers.

Inside Social Games details this downward trend, with the game's active user number dropping from 140,000 player to 100,000 in the past few weeks -- a 40,000 drop in a matter of days.

The news of Diner Dash's demise comes only a few months after another of PlayFirst's Facebook titles, Chocolatier, was shuttered. Still, Playfirst's CEO and president, Mari Baker, is staying optimistic, telling Inside Social Games, "We view this as a strategic redistribution of resources to platforms where we see better growth potential and those are the mobile platforms, specifically iOS."