Ghostlight, the European publisher of Atlus' Persona 2: Innocent Sin for PSP, has announced the contents of the Collector's Edition it will be putting out when the game releases. Featuring a selection of collectible goodies, it's a nice package for MegaTen fans.

The package includes a special Collector's Edition box which contains a UMD case with a double sided inlay; an official soundtrack CD featuring original and remixed tracks from the game alongside arranged songs by series composer Shoji Meguro; 6 double-sided art cards featuring the work of series character designers Kazuma Kaneko and Shigenori Soejima; and a large poster featuring the game's full box art without that pesky logo in the way. Customers who preorder direct from Ghostlight will also receive a Persona 2 T-shirt.

Release date and pricing for this European special edition have not yet been announced.

Atlus, meanwhile, who is publishing the game itself in the U.S., is offering a "mini soundtrack" CD to those who preorder the game from them.

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