We've seen some really dedicated Minecraft recreations of fictional worlds like World of Warcraft's Azeroth and Westeros from A Song of Ice and Fire. Now, one particularly ambitious Minecraft player by the name of Lentebriesje is trying to recreate our very own planet in its entirety in 1:1500 scale.

Lentebriesje's Minecraft Earth doesn't just look like our planet on a map; it's also fully detailed, with locations like the California coast and the English Channel. The plan is to make every continent as geographically accurate as possible with the area's different biomes (snow, desert, and rain forests, for example) and even the native trees you would find there.

To make this extremely accurate map, Lentebriesje used a tool called WorldPainter, which is an open-source map generator designed for Minecraft. Lentebriesje also referred to a large-scale 3D map of Earth made by the National Geophysical Data Center for more accurate topography.

So far Lentebriesje has completed downloadable maps of Europe, North America, South America, and Australia. The maps are meant to be completely open sandboxes for other players to add their own structures or buildings.

[Planet Minecraft via Kotaku]

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