RPG parody Dungeons for PC cast you in the role of a Dungeon Lord, responsible for building one of the titular dungeons, luring in heroes, satisfying their need for loot and exploration then slaughtering them horribly. It turned out to be a fun game that unfortunately ended up falling into a few of the traps from the genre it was lampooning. That didn't stop it being a fun diversion for those looking for a different take on dungeon crawling, though -- check out our review from February of this year.

Now, just seven months later, the game is set to receive a standalone sequel in the form of Dungeons: The Dark Lord. Boasting a new single player campaign, three multiplayer modes for up to four combatants and a new dungeon setting, it sounds as if the game will offer a case of "more of the same and a bit more." That's not necessarily a bad thing, though, as Dungeons' central premise was solid -- it just needed a little work on the execution. A standalone sequel rather than a DLC expansion gives developer Realmforge Studios the opportunity -- and incentive -- to fix some of the things that the first game didn't do so well. Hopefully.

Dungeons: The Dark Lord is set to release on Friday, September 23 in Europe, which likely points to a Tuesday, September 20 release in the States.