D&D: Heroes of Neverwinter on Facebook offers a convincing experience of D&D 4th Edition's tactical combat rules. While it lacks the depth of roleplaying that D&D is known for and class selection is currently quite limited, it shows a lot of potential. For creative types, there's even a player-created dungeon feature which unlocks for those who have reached level 10 with at least one character.

The game has been undergoing closed beta testing with a limited number of participants for several weeks now. During that time, developer Liquid and publisher Atari have been testing and tweaking the game to see what works well.

Unfortunately, the last update to the game didn't prove too popular with fans, as it added a "friend cooldown" function similar to that found in Dragon Age Legends. This means that while Facebook friends playing the game can be recruited into your adventuring party, there is a long delay until being able to use them again, necessitating the hire of random other players for in-game currency if you've used up all your friends for the day. This, combined with rather low rewards for completing dungeons and bugs concerning damage-dealing, have led some to express concern about the game's future.

A new update is expected later today, and the teams at Atari and Liquid claim they have been listening to user feedback but haven't, at the time of writing, announced what the update will change or add.

It is very early days for the game as yet, and the most oft-criticized system -- friend cooldowns -- will be somewhat less of an issue when more players are in the game. This will happen tomorrow, when the floodgates are opened as the game moves into open beta.

For current closed beta players, Atari has announced that the "unlimited energy" option, which unlocks the ability for unlimited play every day (albeit with the aforementioned friend cooldowns currently), will be raising in price when open beta starts. Currently it costs 200 Facebook Credits (or $20) to do this -- Atari hasn't yet announced what the new price will be.

Find out more about Heroes of Neverwinter via the official Facebook page, and watch out for Atari's announcement tommorrow that the game has gone live to all players.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter Open Beta Launching Tomorrow