The prevalence of licensed kart racers has actually died down somewhat recently. Back in the days of Mario Kart 64, the world and his dog wanted a piece of that action, so we saw everything from Diddy Kong Racing (excellent) through Crash Team Racing (pretty good) to Chocobo Racing (dire, though seems to have taken on something of a cult status among some die-hard Squaresoft collectors). In recent years, we've had Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing and numerous iterations of Mario Kart, but it seems that most publishers have decided trying to take on Nintendo in this genre is a silly thing to do. Bizarre Creations gave a novel take on the genre with Blur, but we all know how that ended.

Despite Blur's poor commercial performance and Activision's own Eric Hirshberg blaming the shrinking racing genre for Bizarre's demise, the publisher has announced its plans to bring 14 DreamWorks characters from Shrek, Madagascar, How To Train Your Dragon and Monsters Vs. Aliens into "one thrilling new kart racing game" called DreamWorks Super Star Kartz.

Few details surrounding the new game have emerged save for its existence, but it will apparently be available this holiday season for DS, 3DS, Wii, PS3 and 360. It will feature Battle, Circuit and Time Trial modes, and will offer 4 player split screen on consoles. There's no mention of online racing at this time, though that doesn't mean it won't be present.

It all sounds rather conventional. Perhaps a less risky take on the genre than Blur will do Activision proud. Or perhaps this will just end up swept under the carpet following the holiday season. We'll have to wait and see.

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