The original Donkey Kong, which dates back to 1981, was the first appearance of Mario and remains a highly playable platformer to this date. The 1994 version of the game which appeared on the Game Boy, however, was actually more of a sequel-cum-"best of" collection, featuring levels, enemies and game mechanics from both the original Donkey Kong and its sequel Donkey Kong Jr as well as a host of original levels -- 100 in total, in fact. It's regarded by many as one of the best Game Boy games there is.

The game was also the first title to include enhanced features for the Super Game Boy accessory, though unfortunately these don't appear on the Virtual Console version available today on the eShop. Trivia fans may also like to note this was the first game where we saw Donkey Kong wearing a monogrammed necktie.

The game costs $3.99 from the eShop. Find out more here.

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