Section 8: Prejudice was a solid shooter offering plenty of multiplayer fun for thrill-seekers -- check out our review to find out more. Now TimeGate is preparing to launch a downloadable map pack, a new game mode and a PSN version this month.

The Frontier Colonies Map Pack will be available for 320 Microsoft Points or $3.99 on all three platforms. It'll be available for PC and Xbox on July 27, with the PSN version depending on exactly when the game itself releases, which doesn't appear to have been confirmed just yet beyond "Summer 2011." The pack includes two new maps -- a desert world and a military base overlooking a forest -- that will be playable in all multiplayer modes including Conquest, Swarm, Assault and the upcoming Skirmish mode.

And talking of Skirmish, TimeGate's testers reportedly describe it as "oh man, so awesome" -- though you can be the judge of that yourself when it releases. The mode pits players against each other in a team deathmatch with added mission objectives. Points can be scored for both kills and completed missions. The best part, though? The new mode will be incorporated into the game for free.

Find out more at the official website.

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