A sequel to PCWorld's "Almost Game of the Year 2014" is incoming. Wednesday morning Larian confirmed it plans to make Divinity: Original Sin II--with your help. Once again, the studio is turning to Kickstarter to finance the game.

Calling Divinity: Original Sin II its "most ambitious RPG ever," Larian plans to launch its Kickstarter campaign on August 26. But--but--if you head over to the official website right now you can vote on what pledge rewards you'd like to see offered during the campaign.

Last year's Divinity: Original Sin was first out the gate in the isometric CRPG revival--and probably the most polished of the lot, honestly. It felt more like a 2015 take on the genre than an homage to times past (like Pillars of Eternity). With excellent dialogue and a fantastic co-op mode, the game definitely deserves a sequel--though no word yet on whether Larian expects more or less funding from Kickstarter than the $950,000 it attained on the first project.

There's also no word on whether it'll be a PC exclusive at launch or come day-and-date to consoles this time around. (The original Divinity: Original Sin is scheduled to hit consoles later this year.)

We'll know more in a few weeks when the Kickstarter launches, and even more a few days after that when we get to PAX. According to today's press release, Larian plans to show off a "playable prototype" of the game at the show in Seattle, which starts August 28. Stay tuned.