It seems like just yesterday that we were all commenting on Lara Croft's pyramid-shaped breasts in the original Tomb Raider (not to mention the fact that they were considerably bigger in the CG cutscenes than in the game itself) but it seems that 15 years have passed since our favorite female archaeologist first graced our games systems. To celebrate, Crystal Dynamics, the current owners of the Tomb Raider franchise, are celebrating with a digital art exhibition.

Beginning today, a series of eight original pieces of art will be exhibited on the official website, showcasing the new-look Lara for the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, while allowing the individual artists to let their own distinctive styles run wild.

The first piece, seen to the right and on the site from today, comes from illustrator Andy Park, who has previously worked with Image Comics?, Top Cow Productions?, Marvel Comics and DC Comics?. He was also responsible for the artwork in the original Tomb Raider comic book series.

The eighth piece, set to be exhibited on the site by the end of the month, will come from Toby Gard?, Lara's original creator.

Alongside the new works of art, The Nerd Machine will be selling Lara-themed T-shirts and posters, with a portion of revenue from these sales to benefit Child's Play.

The new Tomb Raider is set to launch in the fall of next year.