"Transmedia" seems to be the fashionable thing for marketing types to talk about this year. So far it largely seems to boil down to games getting tie-in comics and novels -- something we've been seeing for many years, only now with a fancy new buzzword attached to it. But the sixth season of Dexter on TV is taking a slightly different approach.

The new Dexter Slice of Life game from developer Ecko|Code is now available to play for free on Facebook. Casting players in the role of either Dexter or their own custom "Dark Passenger," players take part in "real-time stealth" challenges to silence their friends' "sometimes evil" in-game personas. Series star Michael C. Hall has provided voiceover work and has been involved in game development to ensure it offers an "authentic" experience that is true to the show, and the game will be updated with new episodes the day after the show airs each week on TV.

"Dexter Slice of Life provides a tremendous opportunity for a Showtime property to find a new audience, connect with our current dedicated fan base and extend the brand into bold new mediums," said Laura Palmer, senior VP of distributor marketing at Showtime. "Ecko|Code has crafted a fascinating, fun game and we look forward to watching our fans interact with it!"

Play the game for yourself here.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as Dexter 'Slice of Life' Facebook Game Offers Episodic Social Play