The community has been kicking up a fuss over the inclusion of item highlighting in the upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Eidos is keen to make everyone happy.

"You spoke up, we listened," reads the YouTube description on the video here. Jean-François Dugas and David Anfossi, director and producer of Deus Ex: Human Revolution respectively, are keen to both justify their creative decisions but also place some choice in the hands of the player.

"We're here to talk about the 'highlight' option -- the augmented reality," says Dugas. "Like everything that allows Adam to feel smarter and acknowledge everything in his environment -- it's always been part of the fantasy of this augmented 'Terminator' character. We believe it's something that really adds to the experience."

"It's part of the immersion," adds Anfossi. "He has been augmented; it fits right, you know? It's justified as part of the character."

"The good news," continues Dugas, "is that we have been surfing the net lately to see all the reactions about what we've shown in different videos. We read a lot of people's reactions on the game and I must say that the reaction is fairly positive -- but the highlighting comes back very often. People fear that it's going to break the immersion -- we totally disagree with that, but that being said, we've decided we're going to offer the option to the players to turn the highlight off. And moreover, we're also allowing them to disable the objective locator on the maps. So you can totally remove the augmented reality -- it'll be like when Adam Jensen goes back home and just wants to relax and watch a movie."

The team has also decided to tie the default settings for these options to the game's difficulty level. On Easy or Normal modes, highlighting and objective locators will be switched on by default. On Hard, they will be disabled. The option is still in the player's hands, though, and can be changed in-game at any time.

Whatever your feelings on object highlighting, it's great to see a developer listening to its fans and providing them with the option to play the way they want to play.