Julian found himself hoist by his own petard when he pitched the idea for the "OMFG You're Making Me Review..." series to the rest of the GamePro staff and was immediately confronted with a copy of Farming Simulator 2011. Despite some initial misgivings, he found himself actually rather enjoying the game -- and we're willing to bet there's a few more of you out there who have played and enjoyed it, too, though whether or not you'd admit it is another matter.

Soon you'll be able to take your enjoyment of incredibly mundane simulators to a whole new setting, though, thanks to Delivery Truck Simulator. Much like its literally-named predecessor, almost everything you need to know about this game is contained within its title. You play the owner of a small delivery business and strive to become king of the couriers by turning packages into profit. You'll be able to expand your business with new vehicles, each with a full 3D cab view. You'll also be able to expand your delivery depot with refuelling and maintenance facilities. You can also get pulled over for speeding.

Don't dismiss it until you've tried it. And you'll be able to do just that from October 7. Find out more here.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as Delivery Truck Simulator Shipping This October