Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together and welcome the newest digital distribution platform.

What do you mean "oh no, not again?" This one's a bit different. Little Indie, an initiative set up by German companies MediaGuild, Mittelpunkt Media and Z-Software, is a platform dedicated entirely to the sale and promotion of indie titles. When the service was first announced back in May, the team behind it promised that it would aim to "close the gap" for independent developers struggling to get their titles noticed on the web. It would achieve this by supporting the developers who listed their titles on Little Indie with promotion and public relations -- something which many indie developers can't afford to invest in and thus end up being forgotten.

As well as simply promoting the titles, the service would provide a Steam-like experience for the end user focused entirely on independent games. The long term plan was to integrate achievements, leaderboards and auto-updates into titles on the platform and offer social functionality for players to communicate with one another.

The service is now up and running with three titles initially available for download. Arachnophobia is a strategy game pitting a special forces team against an army of giant spiders. The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic is a puzzle game set on a ghost train. And Cardinal Quest is a retro-themed roguelike dungeon crawler. Three further titles are set to hit the service in the coming days, with more to follow.

Find out more about the service and the games it's offering at the official website.

This article originally appeared on as The Little Indie that Could: Dedicated Digital Store for Indie Games Opens Its Doors