The previous two Penny Arcade Adventures games did a great job of parodying a variety of RPG tropes, including a number of battle systems lifted wholesale from titles as diverse as Shadow Hearts and the Final Fantasy series. These systems had been proven to work well, so their inclusion in the games coupled with a witty, amusing script meant that Hothead's entries in the series were fun, if short, RPG jaunts. And so it was that fans were disappointed when it was revealed that there would apparently be no Episode 3. Hothead was busy pursuing its own projects -- one of which turned out to be the excellent DeathSpank -- and that, apparently, left nobody to finish the story.

Until now, that is. At PAX this weekend just passed, Cthulhu Saves the World developer Zeboyd Games announced in a short but sweet blog post that the team was already hard at work on Episode 3, aiming for a release next year.

The shift in developer also likely means a shift in art style to Zeboyd's trademark 16 bit style sprite based artwork. Robert Boyd of the developer also promises that the game will not demand knowledge of the previous two episodes to enjoy, and that it will offer a different play style to the company's past titles. Zeboyd has been planning this for over a year -- since before Cthulhu Saves the World first hit the Xbox Indie Games Marketplace -- and is delighted to finally make it public.

No further details are forthcoming as yet, but Boyd promises a development blog over on the team's official website very soon.

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