Burnout Paradise split opinions pretty wildly. There were those who roundly praised its open-world gameplay and fresh approach to social gaming, while there were similarly many who felt the game didn't feel like the Burnout games of old.

One of the biggest reasons the latter group felt the way they did was due to the omission of Crash mode. Sure, Paradise featured the Showtime mode, where players could bounce their vehicles off traffic and detonate it at regular intervals in an attempt to fling their wreck as far as possible while causing a huge amount of damage. But it wasn't the same as the puzzle-like Crash mode, where the fun was as much about finding the optimum angle and speed to fling yourself at a busy junction as it was about whooping excitedly at the carnage on screen.

Last week, though, Criterion revealed the real reason that Crash mode was absent from Paradise: it was always the company's intention to create upcoming downloadable title Burnout Crash.

"This has been a small team of guys working for about a year at Criterion on a small downloadable game," explained Alex Ward, creative director of Criterion, speaking at a closed-doors presentation of the game last week. "If you played Burnout Paradise, everybody asked me at the time why we didn't put Crash mode in. This was why. It was always our intention."

Burnout Crash entirely focuses on the game's Crash mode, but from a top-down perspective. It features EA's Autolog system, allowing players to challenge each other in asynchronous play in order to beat each other's times and scores. It's due out in the fourth quarter of this year.

Source: Eurogamer

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as Criterion Explains Lack of Crash Mode in Burnout Paradise