Many big games are making news at Comic-Con, but one curveball out of left field comes from FOX, who is launching a Family Guy MMO in the near future. According to FOX exec Gary Rosenfeld, the game will let you create your own Quahog resident (the character creator is open to try right now), who will then go on quests. All joking aside, that sounds like money.

As Rosenfeld elaborates:

The different archetypes will relate to different members of the Griffin family. "You're not going to play as you would in a console game as, say, Peter Griffin," said Fox Consumer Product senior VP Gary Rosenfeld. "But when you build your own character, it makes sense from a game mechanic perspective to associate with the positive and/or negative aspects of what each of the Griffins represent. If you look at how you would map out an attribute table, Peter is obviously big and slow and tank-like and Stewie is small and ranged attack."

And of course, the game will keep the show's signature pop culture trends in tact with updates that can address whatever is most recent. "Building it in Unity, we've got the flexibility to update content, add new content, pretty quick turnarounds in regular intervals."

No word yet on the likely follow-up games American Dad MMO and the Cleveland Show MMO, but we'll keep our ears to the ground.

[Source: GameSpot via Shack News]