Paradox Interactive's popular PC games Cities in Motion and Magicka are both releasing packs of DLC at the end of the month, with a proportion of sales going to benefit the Japan aid effort.

On May 31, Paradox Interactive will release an expansion pack for its popular Cities in Motion mass transport simulation, along with a small pack of equipment DLC for humorous action-adventure Magicka.

Cities in Motion: Tokyo is a full expansion with a new campaign featuring four different scenarios, beginning in the 1970s and extending into the 21st century. Seven new vehicles make an appearance, including the monorail.

Magicka's Nippon DLC will include a Kimono robe, a katana weapon which cuts through armor and a bamboo staff which offers resistance to all elements.

Both packs will be available from May 31 for as-yet unannounced prices, and between launch day and June 3, 50% of net revenue per unit sold of each pack will be donated to the Japan Relief Support program.