PlayStation 3 peripherals are already starting to trickle in, in anticipation of the highly touted November launch of the PS3 in the US and Japan.

Logitech has announced the ChillStream controller for PlayStation 3, which has a fan to cool down sweaty palms. Nyko Technologies meanwhile is about to release inexpensive Intercooler system to cool the PlayStation 3 console itself.

Logitech expects to make a big splash in the PlayStation 3 market, based on feedback from PS3 game testers, with the introduction of accessories that focus on usability. The built-in fan on the Chillstream circulates air in the direction of the four fingers mostly used to play games – fingertips and the palm of the hand. A user can set the fan at high, low or even shut it off. Though fans are known to be noisy, Pamela McCracken, a Logitech spokeswoman, assures us that the tiny fans will be silent and not disturb gamers.

The $40 controller plugs into the USB port and is slated for release the day Sony launches PlayStation 3, which is 11 November in Japan and 17 November in the US.

Nyko, meanwhile, already sells the Intercooler – an external cooling device with multiple fans – for the Xbox 360. Now it's launching an alternative for the PS3. The external system attaches to the back of the console and sends air in through a vent to cool the console, decreasing the temperature by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. With advanced microprocessors and cramped-up components, today's gaming boxes generate a lot of heat and cooling them could improve their life significantly, according to Nyko.

Intercooler plugs into the PS3's power port, and the AC adapter plugs into the power port. Attaching Intercooler to the back allows the PS3 to be placed vertically or horizontally.

The PS3 cooling system will sell for between $20 and $30, similar to Nyko's Xbox Intercooler. The system will be available – first in the US, then around the world – by the end of the year, Arbogast said.