Microsoft has announced a new Bluetooth headset for the Xbox 360, coming this November. Notably, though, this headset is not only compatible with the 360 but also supports standard cellphones via Bluetooth. Thankfully for those who like to trash talk on Live, though, you have to specifically switch between Xbox and cellphone modes, so there's little to no risk of accidentally calling your mother a filthy teabagger when she phones you in the middle of a fraught Halo deathmatch. There's even a handy glowy blue or green light to show you at a glance which mode you're in. Assuming you're able to look at your own ear, of course. (Alternatively, you could take the earpiece out and look at it that way, obviously.)

The device features Bluetooth 3.0 technology, for those who like version numbers; noise cancellation; and a "sleek appearance that evokes the Xbox 360 console design." Battery life allows up to eight hours of talk time and 300 hours of standby, and it's charged via the Xbox's USB ports.

The new headset is set for a £39.99 price point in the UK, which will probably put it around the $60 price point in the US, similar to its predecessor. It'll be available from "early November."

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