Earlier today, Polish developer-publisher CD Projekt Red held its spring conference and streamed it live on the web. Half of the presentation was devoted to hotly-anticipated RPG The Witcher 2, while the second half focused on their retro gaming digital distribution platform Good Old Games.

The team confirmed that The Witcher 2 will be shipping with SecuROM DRM, but that the game will only require a one-time connection to the Internet to activate the game during installation. Players will also be able to install the game on as many machines as they like, and play it on up to five at the same time. Those who aren't a fan of DRM have the option of pre-ordering the game via Good Old Games, where it's not only DRM free, but also comes with a ton of extra goodies. The GOG version comes with the SecuROM CD key still, however, as apparently some DLC will require it.

The team also confirmed that registering a copy of The Witcher 2 will provide players with game updates as well as free DLC. They also indirectly confirmed that there would be premium DLC available for the game and that it would provide substantial additional content to the game.

On the Good Old Games front, there were two big announcements, with more to come in the near future. First up was the news that the service was getting the original Alone in the Dark, a game which predated the first Resident Evil by some 4 years and is credited with inventing the fixed-camera survival horror genre as we know it today. Not only that, but purchasing Alone in the Dark for $5.99 also nets you its two excellent sequels.

As well as Alone in the Dark, the team announced that the first The Witcher game would be coming to the platform on May 10 for an introductory price of $4.99. After May 24, it'll go up to $9.99. The GOG edition features everything the Director's Cut retail edition did along with a digital copy of a calendar full of naked ladies, formerly exclusive to the Polish edition.

Finally, the team teased that they now had five of the ten most-requested publishers on board with the service, and that they had signed up another. They didn't say who it was, but said we could expect titles from this new publisher by the summer of this year. It looks like it'll be one of Microsoft, EA, Square Enix, Lucasarts or Take-Two.

It looks like exciting times ahead for the Polish publisher, with more news to come in the coming months. You can watch the full presentation over on GOG.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as CD Projekt RED conference