Remember when you used to be able to unlock extra colors for characters through gameplay, or tap in a secret code on the title screen? (Down, R, Up, L, Y, B, X, A -- and no, I didn't have to look that up) Those days are long gone, at least as far as Capcom is concerned, as the company has just announced its lineup of DLC for the recently released Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition -- and heading up this initial batch is a package of new colors for all characters. Yes, you read that right: colors, not costumes.

The presumptuously-titled "Color Pack 1" costs $2.99 and unlocks 7 new colors for each character. Bizarrely, the palette swaps can't be seen by people who haven't purchased the DLC, and the new colors can't be saved in replay files either. Capcom says we can expect more Color Packs in the future. Brilliant.

Alongside the Color Pack will be a range of Music Packs, which add new background music to the game. Capcom hasn't said how these will be split up or what these will cost yet, but between them they'll cover all character themes from Street Fighter III New Generation and Second Impact.

Finally, two Match Packs will allow you to watch fights between 16 of the world's best Street Fighter III players from Capcom's "semi-secret" Fight for the Future 2011 tournament held earlier this year. The matches will feature professional commentary from fighting game pro James Chen. One pack will feature the entire tournament, the other will be a "best bouts" pack. Pricing for this pack hasn't been announced yet, either.

Color Pack 1 will launch next week, while the other DLC will start to appear in about a month's time.

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