Capcom has reported its financial results for the six months ending September 30, and it's a mixed bag for the publisher. On the one hand, total revenue fell by 28.1% year on year from ¥40.7 billion ($535.2 million) to ¥29.2 billion ($384 million). Net profit, meanwhile, fell by 49.2% from ¥1.78 billion ($23.41 million) to ¥906 million ($11.91 million). The publisher blames the decline on slumping stock prices, the strong yen, power shortages in Japan and the rise of new platforms in the mobile and social network spaces.

Capcom's Mobile Content division saw much better results than much of the rest of the company, with the department's total revenue climbing by 89% to ¥2.58 billion ($33.93 million). Capcom attributes this large increase to the popularity of its freemium The Smurfs' Village game, available for Facebook, iOS and Android, referring to the title as "the driving force" behind its financial results, according to

Capcom also noted that Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D for 3DS and Monster Hunter Freedom 3 HD for PS3 were strong performers for its Consumer Online Games division.

Looks like all those DLC packs and rereleases of fighting games might not be the moneyspinner they seemed to be, then -- free to play titles are, apparently, where it's at.

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