With so many E3 and hacking stories in the news recently, you might've forgotten about last year's huge Call of Duty lawsuit. In 2010, Infinity Ward heads (and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare developers) Jason West and Vince Zampella were laid off from Activision. They sued, saying they were being denied royalties due to them for making one of the company's most popular FPS franchises. Activision counter-sued, claiming that the duo were insubordinate and in talks with EA, in breach of contract, to try and get more money for their game. Then West and Zampalla countered by adding fraud to their Activision lawsuit. It's a long story, but you can catch up on most of it here.

While things have been quiet for a while now, The Hollywood Reporter ran a story confirming that, according to a recent judge's ruling, "West and Zampella had sufficient claims against Activision." While everything could still be settled out of court, if both parties don't reach an agreement, the trial could start as early as later this year.

While it's doubtful that any of this will have an impact on Modern Warfare 3, the trial could have far-reaching consequences for both Activision and their star franchise further down the line. While, of course, we hope everything ends amicably, courtroom drama is always exciting; we're stocking up on popcorn now, just in case.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as Call of Duty Lawsuit Gets Closer