Activision revealed pricing and most of the details behind their multiplayer Elite service today. But are the extras worth the cost? GamePro's resident experts weigh in.

Julian Rignall VP of Content

I love the CoD series, and have played each one to completion as a single-player experience (which isn't much to boast considering how few hours it usually takes to blow through them). But multiplayer has always left me somewhat cold for a variety of reasons. My initial experiences just haven't been much fun; I get that being a noob means getting killed repeatedly, and I'm more than happy to play through the pain barrier to pay my dues and learn. But frankly I had some pretty crappy experiences with nerd ragers, and game situations that simply felt like people were exploiting. A good multiplayer game makes you feel like you are learning and getting better, and gives you a few chances to occasionally feel like you can win -- you feel like you're having a little bit of fun in amongst getting the crap kicked out of you.

But CoD just seems to give experts too much control of the environment; I wasn't having enough fun to warrant the investment of time required to get good at it. Whereas in other multiplayer PvP games I could spend the same amount of time, have more fun, and feel like I really was actually getting better. Perhaps Elite might better balance players and teams, but until I really see it has improved, you'll find me on the Battlefield.

Chris Holt Senior Associate Editor

Well, I'm not going to spring for Elite membership. Give me the core game, thank you very much. I play the series pretty regularly online and as long as I'm not at a significant disadvantage by playing just the game I've already purchased, I couldn't care less about the extras.

Now as for the other details that have been revealed, I have more to say. I agree with the decision to remove shotguns as secondary weapons, though this likely will mean that they're going to be only reserved for players who like close-quarters combat and those infamous "double ranger" run-and-gunners. The removal of game ending nukes is also a weapon decision, though I've admittedly never really encountered them in the games I've played.

So, to conclude, my opinion is pretty much "meh." Tell me more about the game's plot and the weapons we WILL have available, and then my ears will prick up.

Justin Haywald Executive Editor, Online

"Noob Tube" is being put together by Will Arnett and Jason Bateman. That makes this worth the price of admission right there.

Add in discounted maps and I don't see how this isn't a must-buy for every Call of Duty fan. You guys are just noobs who I will DESTROY ON THE FIELD OF BATTLE. Oops...didn't mean for that to be a Battlefield reference. Freudian slip?