EA has said several things regarding Burnout Crash's release date -- first it was this fall, and in today's new post the company says it'll be out in both "winter 2011" and "August 2011." We'll take the more specific one as the correct one.

Crash tasks players with causing as much automotive carnage as possible by flinging their car at a busy junction and then seeing what happens. Causing sufficient amounts of damage allows the player to detonate a "Crashbreaker" explosive and bounce their car around to inflict additional destruction. It initially appears to be a mindless exercise in smashing things up, but is actually a series of clever physics puzzles.

Burnout Crash features 18 crash junctions in 6 locations. It also includes the Autolog feature from Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, allowing players to compare scores and challenge each other asynchronously. The XBLA version also features Kinect support.

Burnout Crash attracted some controversy yesterday when it was revealed that Criterion had "always intended" to produce the download-only game, and it was for this reason that the popular Crash mode was nowhere to be seen in Burnout Paradise. The top-down gameplay rather than the series' traditional 3D view has also upset a few purists, but given the strategic nature of Crash mode, it may end up working well.

Watch out for Burnout Crash on XBLA and PSN next month.

This article originally appeared on GamePro.com as Burnout Crash Confirmed for Next Month